Gorgeous and practical profile pages for just about anything.

You'll be amazed, seriously

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Gorgeous and practical profile pages for just about anything.

You'll be amazed, seriously

What sets us apart


Sortable Custom Boxes

With Custom Boxes, you can create customized action buttons, write long text, post pictures, embed YouTube videos, Instagram Galleries, and Twitter Timelines, show testimonials, display Google Maps, and post job adverts—all in one page.


Built-in Contact Form

Collect inquiries from your visitors and get their message sent directly to your email inbox at no additional cost. There's also a hidden recaptcha to protect your form from abuse by bots.


Chat Widget

Engage with your fans, clients, customers, or visitors directly with a chat widget by Chatra, Drift, Crisp or Intercom.


Unique QR Code

Each of your page has a built-in QR code which makes it easy for sharing with people, especially when you're on the go at conferences, meetings, or just hanging out. Instead of saying, "Can I type the link on your phone?", now you can say, "Here, scan my personal code."


Page Analytics

Gain page insights with our minimalist in-app analytics or connect to your Fathom Analytics or Google Analytics for more in-depth insights.


Glorious Dark Mode

Delight your visitors when they visit your profile at night (or day). Add a hue of your brand color and see how it glows brilliantly in the dark.

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One Profile


Use a custom subdomain




Use a custom root domain

Don't let your audience miss out on you

You only have one chance to make a lasting first impression


Get recognized

Present a complete overview of whatever you're trying to showcase about on a bottomless and navigable profile page.



Achieve conversion goals

Whether you're looking to get more subscribers to your newsletters or drive traffic to your social media pages—you won't go unnoticed because all of your links are in one place.



No distractions

Your page is completely free from ads, suggested contents, likes, comments, and followings. The focus is solely on your content.


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