A modern, practical one-page site for just about anything.

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Perfect for a personal page

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One Profile - Create your modern personal page | Product Hunt Embed

Create modern, practical one-page site for just about anything.

Perfect for a personal page


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Promote your products or projects

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Your own Personal Page

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Darren Natoni

Team Fit and Funky’s Leadership Team

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Danielle Natoni

CEO of Fit and Funky

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Highlighted Features

A snapshot of the features we have in store for you

Dark Mode

Delight your visitors when they visit your page at night (or day). You can default your page to dark mode or toggle to switch appearance. Also, the whole app will be made dark mode for you, too.

Custom Domain

Link your own domain for total branding of your page. No branding of One Profile on all of our plans. The focus is totally on your page.

QR Code

Each page has its own unique QR code. Very handy to have it on your phone or business card.

Chat Apps & Analytics

Allow visitors to reach out to you via your favorite chat apps from Crisp, Drift, Intercom, Chatra, and more.

Gain visitor insights by connecting to your Google Analytics, or even better, to your privacy-focused Fathom Analytics or Plausible Analytics. There's also an out-of-the-box minimalist in-app analytics that detect page views across 3 different timeframes.

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Reviews on our launch page

By far the best design and most features I've seen on a landing page. Definitely one of the best profile builders - and with that price tag, it's just awesome. I like the simplicity and the ease-of-use.

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Redditor at /r/SideProject

Firstly, good job - I like it! I actually spent a bit of time setting up a carrd.co website to do essentially what you've made. Only you've made it easier still by the question-answer builder. Nice!

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